Caring of Suits

1. Hang your suit on a wooden hanger away from other clothing. This will help it retain its shape (especially in the shoulders) and will allow it to air out.


2. After wearing your suit brush it off with a suit brush to remove any lint or hair. You can purchase a suit brush at any suit store. Brush lengthwise from top to bottom.


3. Steam clean your suit after wearing, but only if needed. This will clean it and remove wrinkles at the same time with the need for ironing. However, only professionally clean your suit if it is dirty or stained. Since cleaning it can cause it to lose shape it should only be cleaned a few times per year.


4. Always have your suits wet-cleaned rather than dry-cleaned when possible. Wet-cleaning doesn’t use dangerous chemicals and will help to retain the shape of your suit.


5. When you purchase a suit remove it from the plastic covering once you get home. Plastic can emit fumes which, over time, can weaken the suits fibers.


6. When not using, always store your suit in a garment bag. Be sure the garment bag is ventilated or else the suit could get musty or moldy.


7. If your suit is just wrinkled, but not dirty then have it pressed. Many menswear stores offer this service for little to no charge.